Tuesday, February 9, 2010

critters are eating my patio umbrella!!!

I posted about this on my nannykim blog , but had to add it here. Since it does relate to my home. I was shocked to find that some critters have been tearing up my patio umbrella!! I hope it is one of the 8 squirrels that hang out in my yard!! and NOT a rat!! YIKERS. Glad it is an old umbrella that needs replacing!!


  1. Squirrels can do a great deal of damage and have been known to eat electrical wire insulation right off your wires in a wall or attic. And by the way a squirrel is just a cuter rat.

  2. Ew...that's too bad. Oh well, good excuse to go shopping.

  3. Yes they can do a lot of damage! Here the squirrels are just huge! I think they had a good "harvest" this year. We are in the woods so there is always something eating whatever I put out. Except for now because we are basically in a frozen tundra and nothing can survive:-)

  4. Those guys sure are pesky!!

    I think it was Cindy at My Romantic Home That redid her umbrella with a lace tablecloth. It was charming and I found an old umbrella just to try to do that this spring. You might just thank those squirrels after all!

  5. Oh my goodness! I didn't know squirrels could do that kind of damage. We do not have many if any squirrels where I live.
    Take care and have a wonderful valentines day!

  6. Mary Ellen I would love to see a picture of that redone umbrella!

  7. I have squirrels AND rats!

    Didn't know about the rats (nocturnal animals) until all my toads were gone. I have, or HAD a yard full... of toads. They are wonderful because they eat the bugs. Had over twenty march out every night.

    Then none. Strange, because we had a pond full of tadpoles in the spring. We knew we had rats when they broke into the shed and got into the bird seed. We could see their "calling cards". They even got into the bird feeders at night. They made tunnels in the flower beds... looking for the toads?

    Well, we had to get rid of them. I hated that part. Hubby set out bait. I feel so bad... we should have trapped them and taken them to the woods. Maybe.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

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  9. Aw, that hurts! When critters get in your way, it just makes your day so annoying. Glad thing you've decided to buy a new one for it. It's very unpleasant to see broken umbrellas in the patio. I'm just hoping that critters won't ruin your new umbrella next time! =)


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