Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Pink Saturday (in Charleston area)

I believe it is the second year anniversary at Beverly's Pink Saturday!!!!!

It is a special Pink Saturday at Beverly's this week. Since we are in the Charleston area on a brief vacation I decided to show touches of pink in the area. Below--cottage on Sullivan's Island.
I am Minkey, of course ,and I love the Shem Creek area--the trees are grand
I had time for a zip line ride in the backyard.
Beach fun with Zephir too---My excuse for showing these photos is my pink in my hat and necklace of course!

Pink skies on the Creek

Fort Sumter is behind us in the above picture--where the civil war began.
The College of Charleston has its own pinks.
The shutters above were more pink than this photo showed!
A sorority house below
Pink kniting shop above

Magnolias--a wonderful place to have lunch in Charleston--waiters in fancy clothes.....
Espresso for me and Zephir!
I loved this colorful pink in the shop above. Notice the contrast with the green umbrella--we hit a downpour and Nannykim had to RUN IN THE RAIN BAREFOOT ON KING STREET!! She got soaked, but us monkeys faired better in the back pack!

Just had to sneak another picture of us in here.

The house above is selling for 1,999,999 dollars!! Yup almost 2 million--this is not a cheap part of town!

Adios and a happy pink celebration at Beverly's

Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

pink saturday


Pull up your coffee cups my dears!! It is pink SaturdayAt Beverly's --click on the blue here at how sweet the sound. I , of course, am Minkey. I do have my own blog at But I like to invade nannykim's space. I am here for Pink Saturday. Notice my lovely earrings, necklace and skirt....all with pink.
I am quite excited since this is my frist Pink Saturday.

Zephir and I are getting ready for something special .....we will post about this soon on our own blog.

Notice , I have donned Annebelle's summery apron outfit for where I will be going soon!!

Zephir and I are awaiting some romance and fun!! Have a great pink Saturday ya'll.

I leave you with a pic of my BESTEST pink friend who sits atop me!Photobucket

It is Pink Saturday here

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rednesday Wednesday

It is Rednesday here: So I am sharing a few glimpses of red. Below is an old tray with red bakelite (sp?) handles--I love it and it speaks to me! We use this a lot.

The boxes above just speak happiness to me.

The red and white table above is in my kitchen. I have moved the paper towel since I took this pic last week! I have a basket there and on top of the microwave now. That tray is no longer there---always moving things ;-)

I love the soft patina of worn old books. These are some books from childhood and most are classics. They have a very soft red, some are blue and some green. Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teacup Tuesday and what not

It is tea cup Tuesday here: Quite a while back I purchased these cups below from Rosanna, in Seattle Wa. I took this pic with my webcam camera so beware!

They arrived in this nifty box!

Now they sit atop my mantel area here:

I love these cups because they are dishwasher safe and microwavable (not that I have a dishwasher!)

I also like them because they are super colorful and hold a lot!

So I am sharing these for Tea cup Tuesday. Also, a blogger somewhere told us about the book below and I have found it to be lots of fun!

One thing she mentioned is that if you have old plates that you are afraid of eating off of---perhaps you don't want to damage them or you are afraid of lead..........

Then you can place a glass plate on top and still see the plate underneath! I have seen people use this for paper plates, but hadn't thought about using it on top of real plates. I like this---then I don't have to fear the lead content!