Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chalkboard Thursday

Chalk board Thursday is here

In this picture below you can see the chalk board I made from a distance, hanging on the kitchen wall to the right of the sink. This gives me inspiration every day.


Here is a closer view of what it says!
This chalkboard above is made from an old frame thing that was for holding calanders.

I am currently working on another chalkboard project. I wanted a sign for my Spindle Cottage to hang inside. I have taken a white dish and painted the center with the blackboard paint. I will be the name Spindle Cottage on this.....don't have time to do pics of it right now. Have a blessed Day!! Got to do some exercise!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am doing a weird post for Rednesday. I found a great recipe using berries at the Whole Foods site. It starts like this photo, but to see the rest you have to go to my recipe blog.

Then there are these cool red pots in on this porch in Mount Pleasant, SC.

And some red/orange doors from Charleston. I hope this has driven you crazy with the way I posted this!! Happy Rednesday Wednesday! See side bar for the link to other Rednesday bloggers...actually it would be faster to click here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rubber ducky--the true one?

My youngest son has a thing for Rubber Ducks! Notice that the one marked Baby Rubber Duck has a pink mouth, thus this is appropriate for Pink Saturday.
These guys are so nice--soft, not hard. They squeeze easily and squeak easily.


They are hand painted too! Aren't these sweet!


My son, the one who loves rubber ducks, is home for a day. He just got back from military training in Mo. and is headed out tomorrow with much of his stuff ! (Yes, for getting rid of some clutter!) He has summer camp next for about 2 weeks, and then on to more schooling. He has his degree, but is thinking on working on some more classes.

Well , everyone, have a ducky weekend! for more pink go here on Satuday:

A confused Billy asks WHY?


Billy, the sporty monkey, is confused. Nannykim has been moving furniture AGAIN. He keeps thinking this will STOP. But every few weeks she moves something. Her husband has requested it remain the same for 6 weeks. Perhaps this time it will?!


Above she has switched the angle of the table, removed a leaf (is that what you call it?) to make the table smaller for the area, and moved her wicker chairs to the table.

She changed up some of the tea cups--adding some fun ones to the gouping.Notice the wee sock money on the shelf (very wee one)

And she moved some other tables around in the dining area creating a nice little buffet place and also a handy computer area. Why does she do this? Because it makes her feel like she is in another place....or that she is on vacation.....or What? Why do you guys move your furniture? Billy, really wants to know!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blue Hour photography

I just came across the site . It is a really cool site and tells about the blue hour. It even gives the time in your given location.You can get really neat pictures of a dark blue sky after sunset and before sunrise.

Last night as I was having a bath I noticed the blue hour was approaching since there is a window with a nice view of the lob lolly pines from our second floor bathroom. I decided to put my camera on the night setting and try a few photos. The first is facing toward the West where the sun sets and it had not gotten quite to the full blue light stage.


The second is facing more towards the East. This captured more of the blue light but I did get a bit of a halo thing or double on the moon.


I will have to have more fun with this at some point. But if you go to their link you will find all kinds of interesting stuff about it.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A son should be returning home for a few days

Our son should be returning home from Mo. to SC for a few days visit. Our ducks are ready ;-)


Home sweet home

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summertime/ Marriage and Anniversary time

This is a great song about marriage. My husband and I have been married now, 33 years--this song is great for us or anyone! Blessings and enjoy

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outdoor wednesday

It is going to be outdoor Wednesday so I thought I would show a few things that delighted me this week. To see others doing Outdoor Wednesday go here:


This dragonfly landed on my kitchen window. Notice he has a bug and I watched him eat it! Did you know dragonflies eat mosquitoes too!! I used to think Purple Martins were good for this , but I read that that is false--they don't eat many. But dragonflies do!


I also watched the tail-less squirrel below. He hangs by his feet as shown in another post. He has lived here for a few years.


What does all of this tell you about my home and yard? 1. We do have lots of mosquitoes. 2. We do have lots of acorns and oak trees some of which the squirrels have planted. 3. We do have lots of squirrels (about 9). 4. UNFORTUNATELY the squirrels eat my pears before they ripen!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday & show and tell Friday

Today is Thrifty Thursday here
It is also show and tell Friday here

Notice this squirrel has no tail---so instead of hanging with his tail this is what he does:



What could be more thrifty than finding a shell at the beach with a hole in it---I think it is fun to attach it to my bracelet or necklace--it brings back memories of the day.

The above coffee mug was NOT really a Thrifty find! But I had broken one of my favorite pottery mugs. I love them when they have a slim base that I can wrap my hand around easily!! I do also love a blue mug. Pottery mugs speak to me because they are handmade and have such a smooth neat feeling to them. I got this one this past Saturday at our farmer's market. The man that made it was selling pottery here so a very cool find for me; I love to meet the artist!
Of course what could be more thrifty than growing your own tomatoes. We have to get them picked before the bugs eat them!! I love tomatoes in a row on the kitchen window, just waiting to ripen and be eaten in so many ways!! ha!!