Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My afghan is finished in time for Fall! & Hurricane Earl


Today I worked on finishing up this very thick afghan. It is made by crocheting 2 strands of yarn at the same time. It is way bigger than it appears in this picture since it is partially folded and on the floor too. I had made one a while back and my hubby and I both loved its warmth, so I made a second one. Now we will both be warm and cozy when the cooler weather arrives.

So now I suppose I should start something for my next grandson who is supposed to be born in January......I will have to think about what kind to make for this new one!
His parents are vacationing in NC and they may be in the path of Hurricane EARL!! We will see what happens Thursday and Friday! They may have to evacuate.

PS> my daughter does have to evacuate!


  1. Beautiful colors in your afghan. I'm sure whatever you choose for your new grandson will be treasured. I hope Earl moves out to sea and dies down.

  2. I just love a cozy afghan. The colors in your yarn are beautiful.

  3. I do hope your family will be safe. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and have experienced a few hurricanes. Not any fun! ~ Sarah

  4. Ohhh that afghan is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Hope Your daughter is safe. ;)


Howdy :-)