Wednesday, January 6, 2010

renovations by the grands

Things at spindle cottage will never be the same ;-)
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The adults were in another room enjoying dinner on New Year's Day. I decided we needed to check the kiddies out and discovered why they were so quiet. They got into the cupboard and had tons of fun!!


  1. Hmm. Yes. They are indeed mischievous. And the older one encourages it instead of lovingly disapproving ;0)

  2. Oh my! I love the picture in your header!


  3. Very sweet! I also love the picture in your header. When my girls we little I had a suitcase filled with old clothes. They LOVED dressing up in that old stuff. I wonder if my grandsons would like that? (I might have to replace some of the dresses!) ;)

  4. Those kind of "renovations by the grands" are priceless! Nice when they can find something to do and leave the adults alone for a bit - just so long as they weren't getting out hammers & nails and doing REAL RENO's!



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