Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It is Thankful Thursday at Rhondi's .

Things I am thankful for this week:

I am thankful for the beauty of life. My MIL died on Feb 24 (plus the deaths of 2 others in my church family recently) and it reminds me of the gift of life and how thankful for the moments to spend with loved ones.

For the soft dewy rainy mornings
For the bright yellow daffodils
For quiet walks with my hubby
For the friendliness of a small town
For the exuberance of a neighbor on the renovations on her old home
For the blessing of Church family--meeting them through-out the day at stores, walks, visits
For time spent with my son who will be leaving for more military training next week
For vegan recipes ;-)
For reflective times with tea
For the playfulness of my old cat (a second childhood?)
For hot baths to soothe old bones
Belly laughter


  1. You list makes me smile. My mom had a stroke almost 2 weeks ago and she is doing well. I've been very thankful myself the past days.

    Oh, our beagle is almost 14 and she still has bursts of wild play, throwing her toys all around!

  2. It makes you feel good to think about things you are thankful for doesn't it? It doesn't matter whether it is something really big or almost insignificant, I think that being thankful chnages one's heart.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. It's life's little pleasures that add up and make for a great life! xo,

  4. Hi Kim, many thanks for your lovely comment over on my Oak Cottage Blog. Yes, I recently got made redundant due to the breakup of the marriage of the family that I worked as a chef for. As I also lived in a cottage on the Manor Estate that was tied to the job, it meant I am also losing my home. A great challenge to lose both your home and your job all at once, but I have faith that all will be ok. There is always much to be thankful for. I can see you are of a like mind! Love your thankful list.xxoo

  5. Kim I'm sorry to hear of your MIL's passing. The picture of your sons at the homestead is beautiful. Not sure if you were listening to the song that was playing on my post, but it's all about "Little things that mean a lot" by Kitty Kallen. If you have a change look it up. It's very very soothing.
    Sending love to you.
    I will be in Franklin, N.C. visiting Jeanne, then on to Ga. and then Fla. I saw your post on Charlotte. Beautiful. I'm so anxious to meet the girls.
    Again I'm sorry.
    Love Claudie

  6. Isn't Belly Laughter the greatest?

    That makes all the cares seem so small; even if it is just for a few moments.

    I'm so grateful for God's gift to us of laughter!
    what a blessing.
    Hope you had a wonderful day today.

  7. Glad to see you back:-) What a wonderful photo that is on the header! We just lost a very dear friend to cancer...young man with young children and it will definitely make you even more thankful for every blessing!

  8. It truly is the little things that make life so special, isn't it? Thanks for reminding me of this.

  9. I am thankful that you stopped by. What a lovely blog, reflecting a lovely heart. Thinking of you and you miss your MIL and remember precious things about her and times together. (Bishop Boots is awesome.)

  10. oh, i'm sorry the post should say thinking of you "as you miss" your dear MIL...

  11. So sorry for your and your hubby's loss. I'm sure he's very lucky to have you at this time. I love your list. Especially the belly laughter.

    Hope your weekend is sunny.

  12. I enjoyed your article. Thank you.

  13. Your collection of teapots and books is so welcoming.

  14. Kim I just smiled so big when I saw the gorgeous baby on your header photo. What a precious girl!

    Thank you for your kind visit to my blog. You are always welcome anytime my friend.

    Blessings & Happy Spring!
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)


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