Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Thankful Thursday and I am LATE ;-)

It was Thankful Thursday yesterday at Rhondi's here and I am late posting this. BUT here goes. Better late than never. Things I am thankful for:

Talking with gramps in the warm courtyard listening to his stories of the past
Sesame rice crackers
postage stamps (all different kinds)
Looking forward to my birthday
My daughter's blog
Quiet evenings
Small old towns
Gluten free toast
Finding violets by the ditch
Dogwoods in bloom
Fragrance of wisteria (and their color!)
Early morning walks
Old sweatshirts
Earl Grey Latte
Raspberry, blueberry, strawberry fruit shakes in my blue glasses
Vegan pasta dishes
Japanese calendar
olive soap
My sock monkey PJ's
Rubber bands
Items with dragonflies on them
My exuberant grand kids
Jumping for joy
Toast topped with hummus, cucumbers and parsley
Pink tops
Oatmeal with cinnamon and strawberries
Junior books
Old enamel tables


  1. Hello dear lady,

    This is a lovely list!~Also,thanks for visitng The Plumed Pen for 'Tuesday Tea For Two'!.., I see that you have six blogs as do I!

    (I must put them back on my list, a only 4 are visible currently on my profile. One is my dear mamas and the other is in the midst of a revamp, so to speak)..,

    I was much later than I would have liked getting back to people, whereas two quite significant things occurred; the is first and foremost is that my dear mama is ill and secondly, as I was registering for 'Tablescape Thursday', ( for this week also, as I was also 'dovetailing' and using my Tuesday teatime post once more); I lost my entire post including all the links from my, 26th, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', particpants!

    I then chose to painstakingly repost!

    Yet I am so very thankful for the so very many of life's rich and abundant blessings that God graciously gifts us with each and every precious day!..,

    I find blogging has taught me so many unexpected things that I just didn't expect to have 'underscored' and reinforced within my heart and mind when I first began blogging!..,

    The richness of shared experience and community, the joy of creativity , the loveliness of 'a window and a wee glimspe' into the precious lives of other fellow bloggers; (I so enjoyed the absolutely adorable pictures of your dear grandbabies on your other blog)!..,

    .., Also, oft times the loving prayer support and the caring, compassion, understanding and many, many times, the perseverence and patience with all of the joys and at times, the occasional woes of Google 'blogger's, technical glitches that is required in large measure at times!..,

    The joys by far and way, outweigh any little difficulties however!

    How about you my dear?~ Do you also find yourself all the richer for having blogged also?

    I hope you will also join me for next week's 'Tuesday Tea For Two'; I would love to have you particpate!

    (Your lovely corner china cabinet pictured below, would be perfect)!.., My it's pretty with all those artfully arranged dishes!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  2. Hi! Love your list of things you are thankful for. Wow, what a good idea -- to list and remind oneself of all the good things!

    I could use a reminder of late....

  3. NannyKim,
    May you have a terrific week-end!
    Thinking on those things we're thankful for helps likt my spirits.

    Good to hear from you. The baby wipes I mentioned have been wonderful to me. Don't think these are too soapy. This last batch I got I really noticed the nice size and thickness of each sheet.

    Enjoying them!

    God bless,

  4. That's suppose to be lift...not likt...oops. Gotta check my typing before posting. I'm not a typist and it's starting to look like I can't spell either.

    Take care

  5. Lovely to see your list! I am reading through a devotional book and the basic theme is being thankful in every circumstance. It really makes a difference in my attitude towards things and how I approach situations. We are so blessed here:-) Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. What precious, thoughtful, and at times romantic things to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminder that it's in the little things that we find joy. The header photo is wonderful.

  7. Hi. What a sweet little list. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog about the farmhouse table. In response to your question, yes, you should be able to find danish oil at the hardware store in the section with the stains, sealers and other oils. Give it a go, it's great.


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