Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Thankful Thursday

It is another Thankful Thursday--or it will be......

It will be Thankful Thursday at Rhondi's here. Actually she may be on a blogging break!!! Here are some things I have been thankful for the last 2 weeks:

handmade pottery mugs
spiced chai
soft Spanish guitar music
lace curtains
pink with green
old photos
black olives
comfy PJ's
the feel of pottery
feeling better after taking a decongestant
devotional books
study Bibles
the soft patina of worn rugs
cinnamon in my coffee
the smell of women's perfume as they walk by
old mystery books
hanging pots of flowers
ironing done
flip/flop weather
old greeting cards from the 50's
Beth Moore Bible Studies
hand drawn pictures by my granddaughter
having a lazy morning/going slowly
eating out for a birthday celebration
seeing God working in other lives
mending of relationships
God's grace for brokenness
kids joyously riding bikes and skateboards on our street
stirring the pudding while listening to David Nevue
Easter celebrations at church
pipe organ played loudly
using hand crocheted blankets
cat meowing in the morning or attention
home made soup and fresh herbs
the wonder of new Spring growth
white shells
BBC movies
cold cucumbers


  1. Howdy.
    May you have a wonderful Spring!
    Cinnamon in coffee sounds like a treat that I'm going to have to try.

    Stopping by your place today has lightened my soul.
    I like your list.

  2. You're making crave cucumbers with all your recipes and lists!

  3. I love the new picture! I'm still in Florida helping my mom, but I'm trying to spend a little time in Blogland. I love your list...I have so much to be thankful for that I can't begin to name it all. Mostly, I'm thankful my mom is still here. Your lists always make me smile and nod in agreement!

  4. Your fireplace is so charming. I have always loved that picture of the girl and her dog.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  5. I hope that pudding was really, really good!


Howdy :-)