Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Table Top Tuesday

It is Table Top Tuesday at Marty's. I am a bit late, but it is still Tuesday, ya'll. This tablescape is found in Charleston , Sc. After walking along the battery , We entered into this cool old home through the doorway below:

Climbing a flight of stairs we entered a darling apartment (a friend's) and this is how her living room mantel was decorated:

I loved its simplicity and I loved the ironwork thing above since it is so similar to the gates in Chareston. I love how the pears play off of the color in the rug too. I thought it was simple and striking!


  1. What a lovely apartment and the fireplace is stunning. I love the addition of the green pears too. So simple and yet so perfect to tie in with the rug. Lovely. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is just wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous place! Forgot to tell you...I got my veggie tray at Pier 1 in December. It was under $20.


  3. Love the pretty blue walls in that livingroom... I know you're showing us the mantel, but I couldn't help myself. I also like the fact that the fireplace is off-center. I wonder if it limits the decorating choices? ... Doesn't seem to, huh?
    Such a soothing and relaxing room.
    I keep going back to look at...
    Glad you showed it.

  4. I'd love to see the rest of the apartment. I love historic homes!

  5. I enlarged the picture to see the pears...it is very simple and yet so elegant.

  6. Oh, so lovely. Nanny Kim, I think we could be good friends. Thanks for the comment. You seem like such an awesome lady.

  7. I love that blue color in the room...so charming and comfortable looking. Thanks for stopping by and coming aboard my journey in this wonderful world of blogging....I will add you as well to my blog roll, thanks so much.......we where just in Durham last weekend, what a great place to visit.

  8. Hello, What lovely photo's. I also love that blue color in the room, it looks similar to the "Glass Slipper" Blue I just painted my guest bedroom, so calming. Love the fireplace and the piece above it. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to leave your kind comment. Have a wonderful evening.

  9. Beautiful apartment! To answer your question, the telephone does work perfectly! I isn't old...bought it at Kirklands.

  10. It is very striking !Beautifully decorated room .
    Happy late Birthday to you!
    ps. I need a net for my patio table,too. But first , I need a new umbrella .lol

  11. What a treat to stop at such a lovely apartment after a stroll.

    - The Tablescaper


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