Saturday, May 1, 2010


Confederate Jessamine (spelling?????) has such a perfume like smell. I just love it!!! It is right next to our outdoor sitting area and provides seclusion/privacy and aroma therapy in May!


  1. Oh, how beautiful! It looks a little like Honeysuckle! I love the fragrance of honeysuckle but I don't if I have ever smelled Jessamine!
    Very lovely!
    Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

  2. I love Jasmine. The mosquito net set up y'all found is great too. What lovely times you must have out in your garden.

  3. I wish I could winter over jasmine here but no luck. it must smell divine.

  4. Lucky you for getting a mosquito net that works. We were out watching the sunset last-night and had to come in. We were getting eaten alive.
    Been a while since I visited... sorry...
    Never had a whiff of Jasmine. Only in a store : )
    and that silver hair.. thanks a bunch, and the dress oh yes the dress. I found that one in the Highlands, in Franklin, N.C. while visiting Jeanne. What a find. It was 280.00 got it for 100.00. I had to think about for a while, but the girls told me I HAD TO HAVE IT. So be it. I'm glad I did.
    Love Claudie


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