Thursday, May 13, 2010

A break down week

Well it has been a breakdown week here at the ole cottage. But first, let me say that there are some pretty simple things that bring soothing pleasure! The above bowls are a case in point. These speak to me! The pureness of their white color.....the smoothness of their feel.....their shinyness.....their oldness!!!>.....These are bowls that go to an old mixer (which still works). I grew up with these in our cabin in Vermont. I like to leave these on my counter--they just bring me a contented feel and they are the right size for most things I need them for.......Don't you love using old things with memories!!

This above picture I found in a book that Marty , I believe, told us about. The book is the Art of Accessorizing and I got it very cheaply from a second hand bookstore on Amazon. They are available for 5 bucks (hmmm, do you use the term bucks where you live?).

Anyways, this old round table speaks to me and the old chairs too! I love the little hutch with the rounded glass door and the old light fixture hanging above is a nice touch. The tea pot, the vase and the soft colors are so soothing and happy. I would love to transform one of my dining areas into this....once my son gets a job and has a place of his own and moves some of this furniture!!!

Break downs---do you have weeks where several things just stop working? My brake light started dinging loudly and flashing---I am talking about the thing on the dash area that lights up when something needs fixing. I was so thankful that it went off just as I was driving by the dealer! I drove in and showed him and he told me to come back in an hour. (It took 3 hours to get it fixed and it was just a wire that was shorting....possible due to a coin!!) .

Then this morning I was up early and decided to do an early morning wash! When it came time to do the drying......well the belt had broken! Thankfully I have a clothesline!! AND it was sunny.


Then of course I had to have multiples (and more than one trip) on the mamogram experience because the machine had compressed things together and it looked like a cancer spot. But thankfully all of that proved fine.

All of this after reading the reminder from a study in Esther that God controls even the little details. It is more fun when he does this:


  1. Super beautiful post..and gorgeous blog!I love your white bowls..they are very charming! Lovely read..yay..happy you are aok!..quite a blessing!
    Have a wonderful day!
    PS: thankyou for your super lovely comments! Much appreciation!

  2. Hi Nannykim,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it. Your little princess is a doll. I laughed when I saw her all dressed up in the picture on your sidebar. You have a beautiful blog. I love the picture of the white table with a container of roses. I'm a new follower.

    Anne-Marie with a dash

  3. Nannykim-

    Don't you just love the way a break down week brings things into perspective for ya?
    You make me laugh, ...we say 'bucks' here. But I bet some don't.
    Glad the mammo came out ok. and Thank goodness for the clothesline, huh? I love mine,(living in Texas) I can almost use it year round.
    Did you know Clothes will dry when it is very cold outside?
    they will!

  4. oh, I almost forgot, ...I see why you love the bowls...'simply' beautiful.

  5. Hi Nannykim,

    Thanks again for the lovely comment. I too love quiet in the spring (that's because the children are still in school LOL) My fountain is not hooked up but alas I have the dreaded mosquitoes. So now I have to go shop for a massive tent with a net LOL I thought birds would eat mosquitoes so I installed a bunch of feeders to attract birds...I guess they are full of seeds and not interested in the juicy mosquitoes. Thanks for your comment.


  6. Wally's truck broke down this week too!

  7. Break down week, I have experienced several of those in my life. Actually my van's engine blew this past week. I had hoped it would last as long as I do but it didn't happen that way. I enjoyed visiting your blog and thank you for the nice comment you left on mine. I just became a follower of your blog and will back to enjoy reading more. I have to get a clothesline up soon, I love to hang things outside.

  8. Hi Kim, I have had those days as well, never fun when it happens. I love the pictures and just ordered the book and a few others, too. The table and chairs are perfect, I love them too! Thanks for reminding me about the book. I'm glad you are doing okay and that your mamogram went well. Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my "My "TWEET" Tablescape Thursday", it was so much fun designing this table. I'm really into birds this year and I love the yellow and blue in this tablescape.


Howdy :-)