Monday, June 7, 2010

Making your home sing!

Making your home sing Mondays It is the day for making your home sing. Click the picture to find others participating in this!

I have a cold and am not feeling up to par! BUT I had this challenge to make my home sing or some such thing! I decided to hang some sheets and towels out in the Fresh SUNSHINE. I like the way it makes them smell.
Plus it makes me, myself and I very happy to stand in the warm sun with a light breeze a blowin!
I like having on my fish sundress and barefeet in the warm grass as I do this. This makes me sing at least!! EVEN when I have a cold. There is something about a quiet, sunny, breezey,warm morning (ha! what a sentence)and slowly hanging things one at a time on the line. It is sooooooothing.

Also some splashes of flowers make me happy--flowers in the house and outside. Have a singing monday everyone!


  1. I love your pictures, they are very cheery! When I was a child I used to love to help my mom hang up clothes on the line. I used to love to see them billowing in the breeze.

    I am allergic to pollen and so I can no longer hang my clothes on the line outside, but I do hang them some of them up inside on a rack. However, it's not the same, haha!

    Thanks for linking up today.

  2. I have a tad bit of a cold today, too! I know how you feel- water, sunshine and rest for us!
    I love all your pictures--wish I could hang my laundry outside--HOA rules say I can't--boohoo!
    But I do love to see toesies in the grass :0)
    Also I enjoyed reading what was on your chalkboard.
    Would love to see all the #s!
    I pray you feel better today and may you be blessed as you enjoy your life today!

  3. You've got me singing! It's nice to slow down a bit and enjoy simple tasks isn't it? I love the photo of those two cuties on your header!

  4. Love your post! I love the laundry drying in the sun too! You did a great job with the mosaic!
    Isn't it fun!
    God Bless,

  5. I can almost smell the sun on the sheets (o:

  6. I have never put my laundry out on the line, but I hear that the smell is amazing. Beautiful pictures! Love flowers as they definitely seem to want to make you smile :)!

  7. I love the smell of sheets that have hung outside. We don't have a clothesline at this house, so I haven't had that pleasure in 7 years. You make me want to string up a line.


  8. I hope you are feeling better, Kim... and I read a few posts down and am THRILLED for you! YEA!

    Sending big hugs to the happy family about the new addition to be and get well wishes to you...


    Sheila :-)

  9. I can just smell the fresh laundry and grass mixture now! what a beautiful post.

    Thank you for coming by to visit my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. I appreciated your comment because it helps me to remember that there are dangers out there that we need to be extra careful on the road. We have had near accidents too, even though we have these gorgeous paths we still have to get through the city.

    God bless,
    Dani Joy


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