Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am doing a weird post for Rednesday. I found a great recipe using berries at the Whole Foods site. It starts like this photo, but to see the rest you have to go to my recipe blog. http://nannykimsrecipes.blogspot.com/2010/07/raw-berry-crisp-whole-foods-recipe.html

Then there are these cool red pots in on this porch in Mount Pleasant, SC.

And some red/orange doors from Charleston. I hope this has driven you crazy with the way I posted this!! Happy Rednesday Wednesday! See side bar for the link to other Rednesday bloggers...actually it would be faster to click here.


  1. Well....this is a very interesting post...especially the side to side pictures!
    LOVE the berries..look pretty, and yummy!!!!

  2. No, it didn't drive me crazy. I liked the pictures!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh, the fruit is just making my mouth water! The red doors are gorgeous!

  4. The pots and the doors with their shades of red really welcome the visitor! I love Charleston and the low country. :-)
    The Tattered Tassel

  5. What delicious looking berries. I'll head over to check out what you did with them. I'd simply add yogart and a little granola sprinkled on top. Yum!!!
    Love the red doors! Happy Rednesday to you! ~ Sarah

  6. Great doors! I really like the one with the brick stairs.

  7. Those red doors are great...love the berries, especially my favorites, raspberries!

  8. Well, aren't you tricky today! I always wanted a red door but with our green house Hubby thought it was too Christmassy. I wouldn't mind it though.

  9. Fun reds and I love the strawberries. Going to check out the recipe.

  10. The berries look yummy and the red doors are really cute. I also love the red cardboard bricks in your banner with the kiddos!

  11. Well this hasn't helped the temptation of painting my front door red. I've been living with that idea for a few years. I just don't know how cultural it would be in Ukraine, but then they already think those Americans are a bit crazy. Hmmmm!

  12. I have nothing red in my home or around me. I have to go looking for reds. You found some very prety things to share today.

  13. I just love red front doors! And the berries....they look good enought to eat! :):)

  14. Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to come over to say thank you for becoming my 300th follower...Yay!!! (I posted a little something about it today.) I am always thrilled to meet a new blogging friend. Hope you enjoyed your visit and that you come visit again soon. Oh and by the way...Love, love, love red doors. Have a wonderful Rednesday!



  15. Yummy berries! Red just makes me feel good:) I also read about the rubber duckies. We were in a store in Franklin, TN and they had a basket of tons of different small rubber ducks, dressed as different things...doctors, nurses, teachers etc. Someone called while we were there and bought a dozen of them for party favors. So cute. Love the colorful plates on your sideboard! I think I'm caught up now:)


Howdy :-)