Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cat proofing my flowers

I posted this on 2 of my blogs because, you know, this is such an urgent matter ;-). My cat eats every real flower I bring in the house. .....and then of course pukes it up everywhere. I tried putting the flowers in and out of the frig...But my family did not like the mess in the frig. ...or the lack of space. I am trying this idea for small arrangements---I can put them in the glass over night, or when leaving the house or whatever and they should be safe from that evil 4 footed flower munching guy.


  1. What goes through a cat's brain that it will eat something that makes it puke and then does it again?
    Like when my dog eats the stems too when she steals cherry tomatoes from my garden. She get sick every time. Duh.

  2. Thanks for your visit.
    In tole painting a pattern is just a drawing, black and white that you use to apply the pattern with carbon paper. You start with the outline though because once you base coat it all your lines would be gone. You gradually add in the detail and layers of color. There are usually instructions with the pattern stating what colors were used in the original to base, fill and shade and highlight.

  3. Lori--sounds hard!!! especially if you are not talented! like me!

  4. Love your cottage and this tablescape. Thanks for the encouragement.



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