Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rhondi's Fall Party

Well, Rhondi is having a Fall party at Rose Colored Glasses and even though I am going to the Mountains I have to do something quickly!! So to celebrate fall I give you this!


In the picture above you see the large fall spider that has built a web across one of our back doors. I told everyone to use the other back door so we could watch this beauty. So for two days I loved checking on her. BUT ALAS WHAT HAPPENED? We had a new mail lady yesterday and I had a package from Amazon. The lady came to the door , rang the bell, and whipped open the door to leave the package!!! I ran down and GONE was our lady spider.....I don't know if the mail lady didn't see her or destroyed her!! Ah well...... below is a close up of the spider I found on flicker.
This is where I am headed to---Mt. Mitchell is the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi--which doesn't say much to those who live out west!!! HA.

PhotobucketThis is what I will be doing to celebrate Fall this week!! Yeah, and YaY!!


  1. Those webs are works of art, aren't they? I'm sure she scampered away and is happily weaving another web sweet web.:)

  2. I, too, leave spider webs alone -- OUTSIDE! They are such works of art. I'm sure her "home" was destroyed and she moved elsewhere.

  3. Um..well..I would never kill a spider or destroy a web...but..it's because I don't want to get that close...mostly. I'm sorry but they scare the daylights out of me...and yes, I do admire their beautiful webs..but the one on your porch was HUGE! Charlotte was a cartoon..there is a difference. At first I thought it was a fake spider you hung up...GRIEF!! It looked as big as a car to me!
    Hugs and have a nice week. Happy FALL! :)

  4. Oh, I like your fake spider but the real ones give me the heebie geebies! I do love to see their webs but I always make sure the webs are spider free before I move in too close! ;)
    Have a wonderful time. It looks like a lovely place.
    Happy First Day of Fall,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Spiders definitely are a sign of fall around here. They are everywhere. Hope you're enjoying the mountains.
    ugs, Rhondi

  6. Stopping by from the Fall party. I love the spider's web but not so much the spider!!! Have fun in the Mountains!!

  7. Hope you enjoy your time in the mountains.


  8. I'm so sorry about your spider. We had a "sewing machine" spider on our porch last summer and I just loved watching her making her beautiful web.

  9. I never have the heart to destroy an elaborate spider web; the workmanship is so stunning.
    I'm sorry about your spider lady! What a shame.

  10. The spiders on my porch keep coming back and remaking their webs. I try to sweep them but there they are again. I never used to be afraid of spiders until I saw pictures of what a brown recluse can do to a person. uck

  11. Funny...just yesterday a spider got away somewhere in my car from a cabinet I found at a yard sale. I couldn't find that darn spider! I figured it would just die somewhere under one of the car seats. Well.. this morning when I opened my front door to climb into my car...that spider had created a web connecting the front drivers seat to under the dashboard. It looked like a beautiful little blanket! There she was just sitting on her web. I hated to have to destroy the web but I had no choice... or never drive my car again! LOL! I am afraid of spiders...so I won't say what I did to her...but I regret not getting a photo before I cleared the web away! Have a lovely trip! Hugs!

  12. I am so glad that spider was not real on your porch....it is huge !!! Tallest mountain...hmmm looks like a hill to me, LOL ! I am in Colorado with the Rocky Mountains out my window....
    Nice to meet you !

  13. Hi....wow, how amazing is this! Wonderful pics.

    Happy Fall!

    Barb :-)

  14. Hi Nannykim,
    Thank you for stopping by for my Tablescape Thursday. Appreciate this.

    You'd said you were wondering about our house being torn up.

    Long story short...we had started redoing our kitchen and tore cabinets out, which meant cabinet items went on metal racks in the diningroom (warehouse). Before we could get our kitchen completed, a daughter came home broken hearted that her husband walked out on her and their baby. She went thru a divorce and I began babysitting Grandbaby.

    4 Hail storms in one night hit our old house roof and finished it off. Husband is roofing garage and house before the kitchen gets a facelift.

    Life is interseting and busy.
    God Bless you!

  15. OH MY GOSH that spider looks so big! I try to leave spiders alone also, unless it's a black widow.
    Have a happy day,


Howdy :-)