Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tablescape Thursday --NOT --JOKE

I am in a rush and it is tablescape Thursday-- It is Tablescape Thursday and since we are camping in the Mountains near a lake I give you our elaborate tablescape---it took a lot of work :_) I didn't use photobucket and forgot I had to load pictures backwords!!! So Here is a backwords look at my tablescape. For Dessert we have a game of Candy land---This was a blast--stopped at the peanut, gum drop, candy cane, ice cream, chocolate places---fun---a virtual dessert.!! Before the meal we worked up an appetite--Rhianwen excitedly climbed up to the loft. See her expression.

The view from the dining room--a lake, woods, ducks.

The elaborate tablewear----a sippy cup, big plastic bowl for the salad with a wonderful styrafoam cover!

VERy expensive top of the line silverware

ANd of course an enjoyment of the tablescape--the center piesce is the red salad bowl. And views of the other A-frame.

Notice Alden's decorative seat!! Oh and the water bottle--exquisite!
Ps. I had to sneak these in quickly!! So much to do here!!


  1. Looks like it was a fun tablescape!! Family times are the best!


  2. Family fun at its best. Love the dessert! ~ Sarah

  3. Oh now this is the BEST kind of tablescape -- decorated with darling family.
    Lovely, and full of love.

  4. Oh it looks like such fun. I think it is wonderful and love the family pics. Hugs, Marty

  5. Family Funn is always a WINNER for any tablescape.

    God Bless,
    d from homehaven

  6. ...and your husband's shirt matches the centerpiece:-). When the book of life is wrote, these are the tablescapes you'll remember. I hope you had a wonderful meal and are now having a great day.

  7. Oh, but I'm sure the company was the real prize here!

  8. Very funny..the kids are adorable!

  9. Family is the best part of a tablescape so I think you have major success here!

    I also wanted to let you know that I posted the full details of my Ballard Designs inspired boot tray on my blog today. And by your request, I included photos of exactly where to find it in Walmart!

  10. Looks like our table when we go camping at the lake ! Thanks for stopping by......

  11. Oh it looks like a delightful family time and the tablescape is just perfect!

  12. Cute! I loved your narration! Thank you for letting us have a peek into your family time!

    ~ Tracy

  13. I'd say that's the perfect tablescape in an idyllic setting! Fun post ... and funny ... and sweet! ;)


  14. I bet the memories you made at this table with your kidlets last a long, long time!

  15. Being up in the mountains is so fun and peaceful!! So, it makes a perfect tablescape! :)
    Looks like ALL had a great time.

    Also, I am doing my first giveaway on my blog if you're interested:


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