Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

I don't know how you all get time for all the posting and photo editing etc--I am behind again so doing a quick posting for Tablescape Thursday. For the Fall we have moved this table over toward the wall area so it would be cozier. It is next to a book shelf which will be seen in another photo.

I love the pictures on the wall next to the table--they are from Wind and the Willow---and have some really neat scenes from the book. Such fun memories and some are from Christmas time scenes.

Note--the wall color in this room is an extremely soft blue. We were having an oriental meal so we just had chopsticks. /again--I like blue and yellow and wood colors. The tray has bakelite handles and I love this antique tray--comes in so handy! The candlestick holders are antique also--my kids bought me them years ago for Christmas or birthday. The glass bowls were a wedding gift 31 years ago!!! Hmmm, is that antique???

In Conclusion--sometimes it is fun to have a simple table in a nice surrounding ;-) --that is my excuse and I am sticking to it! HA!


  1. First I want to say that I love having a bench at the table. There is something comforting and homey about it. Then, I wanted to say that I love those bowls with those chopsticks...a little Chinese food for dinner..maybe? Oh, and the little frog in the center is adorable.
    ♥, Susan

  2. The yellow and blue are quite striking together, aren't they? I think my mom had candelabras very similar to yours. I remember them sitting on our mantlepiece.

    My sister is a frog collector. You have no idea how many froggy things are out there, till you start looking. Thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Maureen

  3. Hi there!
    Many Autumn Blessings to you today on this great Tablescape Thursday.

    So glad to be able to stop by and see what you're sharing. Very pleasant.

    Yes, it is great to have a nice table setting and still be somewhat fancy. Your table looks great.

    Hope you'll drop by for hot chocolate,
    d from home haven

  4. You can never go wrong with blue & yellow, in my humble opinion.
    Very pretty candelabras! Those are a real keepsake!

  5. Hello my friend...

    Well..there's much to be said about simplicity...and I love your warm surroundings! I just adore your home! I was admiring the pretty book shelfs with all the beautifully bound books! Also enjoyed seeing your pretty Wind and the Willow wall art! I loved that book!!! I absolutley love blue and yellow together...and you know what, I don't think I've ever done a table with the colors! Hmmm...I will have to change that! Girl, I love those beautiful crystal candleholders! In fact, I was just looking on ebay for some this morning...I would love to have a pair! Well my friend, thank you for sharing more of your wonderfully warm and inviting home with us today!!!

    Warmest wishes and Happy Fall!

  6. I love the bench at the table. I have always wanted to do that. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  7. Such pretty colors! Love that bench!

  8. Love the wall shelves and framed prints underneath. The bench reminds me of growing up in New York. The younger ones sat at a separate table and had benches for seating.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I like the blue and yellow- very fresh. I also really like your salt and pepper shakers... and the tea cups and saucers up on the shelves!

  10. Your pitcher on your table is the sweetest thing! And your open shelving is really pretty. Lots of space to decorate.:)

  11. I know what you mean...I have basically stopped editing photos just to save time! My husband suggested doing the tablescape one week in advance and then I can upload, write and edit at my leisure...It's working better like that.
    I like the table moved and the idea of a bench. Simple is good~Great job!

  12. What a lovely table and a lovely room. I have not been to Spindle Cottage in a while and I have just scrolled through all you're posts. Your home is so beautiful! I love all of your soft cottagey/romantic touches. Your blue and white dishes are gorgeous. I wish I could pop over and have tea and a do a Bible study with you!

    Hugs, Sharon

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I think your table looks so cheery. Love the Blue Willow settings with chopsticks - perfect! As the Shakers sang, "'Tis the gift to be simple..." - you've got it!


  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a is very much appreciated. I love blue with yellow. Maybe I will do a tablescape with those colors one of these days. My favorite color is green but it seems like I have many more patterns in blue.

  15. Very pretty! And yes, this blogging gig takes a lot of time..:)
    Have a great weekend..

  16. Nice! You eat with chopsticks! I would starve to death! LOL! Never could master them!

    We were at Cracker Barrel again today and I thought of you. Did you get any of the sock monkey things? They are getting in their Christmas things now and have some really cute things!


  17. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. My kitchen is done in these colors. Your tray makes a lovely backdrop for your centerpiece. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  18. Hi there!
    That tray is wonderful- I love using something like that as a centerpiece so you can whisk it away in the event you want to serve actual food on the table! And the red and white checked clothes you used in the previous post are great, makes your room look like a cozy little Italian bistro.
    Thanks for stopping by my place. And I'll tell you, the only reason I was able to use that shawl as a table runner is because it's washer AND dryer safe!
    - Meg

  19. I enjoyed my visit here!!!
    First time for me an I will be back!!!

  20. This is cozy and so charming. I adore sunflowers, bench seats, beadboard...simplicity.

    Thanks so much for coming by my little place. :)

  21. I love your bench and I love simple tables as well -- food and friends are the most important ingredients! And you know I love blue and white and sunflowers!

    As to the napkins -- I do wash and if they get stained, I simply use them for rags -- when I get down to 4 or so of those, I'll buy another package. Some of course, get used more than others.


  22. I do like your simple table -- blue and yellow are so pretty together.

  23. One of my favorite color combinations are blue and yellow. It is so happy.

  24. Well don't you have a darling little cottage.
    I am now following you, so will be back to see your fun blog more and more!
    Thanks for dropping in mine and nice to meet you!
    Blessings, Linda Q

  25. I love your sweet little cottage. Thank you for stopping by to visit me and leaving such wonderful

  26. Charming! I love the blue/yellow combination.

    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your question about how often to polish silver that's not stored in an anti-tarnish container.

    It often depends on things like the humidity. Silver in/near the kitchen tarnishes faster. I'd say it should be lightly polished fairly often (as soon as a yellowish tint occurs). If we wait until it's already blackened, it requires more rubbing and the the use of abrasive cleaners which are likely to gradually remove the thin layer of silverplating (almost all my "shiny things" are plated, not sterling). I hope that helps.

    There's a great article on polishing silver here:


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